Our Team

Dr. Nancy WesselinkDr. Wesselink is the President/CEO of One Source Counseling and Employee Assistance Services in the metro Atlanta area. She has owned the company since 2002 and provides services to over 4000 employees in manufacturing, utility, corporate, government and academic settings. She also has a private counseling practice and sees approximately 30 people a week in addition to conducting trainings and workshops on such topics as Drug Free Workplace, Harassment/Diversity, Team Building, Dealing with Change in Organizations, and Stress Management. She is a charter member of the Georgia Critical Incident Stress Foundation. She is a licensed social worker and certified Employee Assistance Professional and holds a doctorate in Human Services from Capella University. She has been in the field for over 20 years.

One Source has an extensive panel of experienced counselors and trainers who have knowledge and expertise in the areas of family counseling, stress management, substance abuse/addiction, grief/bereavement, hostile work environment and depression/anxiety. We can also handle the unique issues that public safety and military personnel have. One call connects our clients with counselors in their geographic area so that appointments are convenient and counselors are easy to locate.


  • Individual, Couples, and Family Counseling
  • Drug and Alcohol Evaluations/SAP services
  • Training Programs (Diversity/Harassent, Supervisor Referral Training, Orientation to EAP, Team Building, and other topics as requested)
  • CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management)
  • Case Management (Short Term Disability, Return to Duty/Work Assessments)

One Source has a network of seasoned professional counselors and trainers who are available to see our clients for regular appointments as well as those of an urgent nature. We are also able to provide specialist resources to clients in need of them, such as Psychiatrists, Psychometrists, Fitness for Duty Evaluators, and crisis response personnel. From a risk management perspective, One Source is able to work with client organizations in the areas of workplace violence and harassment issues, employees found to be impaired on the job due to substance abuse, threat assessments, and chronic illness. We understand the financial challenges small business owners have of being able to pay for a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program. One Source is at the forefront for helping small to medium-sized businesses negotiate the waters of organizational challenges. We are unique in our ability to recognize and successfully intervene with those challenges, and to match services to the unique needs, both financial and organizational, of individual client organizations.