While this is a frightening thought for most of us, fitness expert Craig Ramsay (ulive.com) recommends a 5-minute workout anywhere routine:

  1. Perform these three simple excersizes while waiting in line: alternating calf raises, 20 reps; gentle pendulum side-leg swings, 20 reps; alternating purse biceps curls, 20 reps
  2. Pick vacation destinations that will challenge you physically like National Parks
  3. Call your phone and leave an encouraging message
  4. …Then ask loved ones to do the same. Listen to them during challenging times when you need extra support
  5. Put an event on your calendar every few months that motivates you to look good – beach day, pool party, get-together with friend, cruise vacation
  6. At work, try the invisible Office Chair: keep feet and knees together, bend knees while lowering booty toward where the chair used to be. Gently pulse 20 reps. Come up, stand, shake it out and repeat.
  7. Waiting for the kids by the minivan? Try backseat step-ups: Hold on to the rooftop for balance. Step up onto the floorboard with the right foot, left foot comes up to meet it. Step down to the ground with the right foot, left follows. 20 reps per side
  8. Update your gym membership. Clubs run promos that may be better than the deal you are signed up with
  9. Attention, shoppers! Pick a shopping basket over a cart
  10. …And then throw in biceps curls, squate, dead lifts – burn more calories while checking off items on your grocery list.

While you may look a little silly, you will have the last laugh at the pool when you show off your new bod! Happy exercising!