1. What is an Employee Assistance Program?
    • An Employee Assistance Program is a vendor relationship with an organization. The organization enters into a contract with the EAP to provide several different types of services to its employees and their family members. These services include, but are not limited to, face-to-face confidential counseling with an experienced, licensed mental health professional, behavioral risk assessments, substance abuse evaluations, resourcing to experts when needed, and ongoing training and consultation to help supervisors with troubled employees.
  2. This sounds like the “free” employee assistance that we offer through our insurance product. How is your EAP different and why should we pay more for it?
    • One Source is prepared to contract with organizations based on their needs, not on the limitations of what is typically offered as part of an overall health insurance product. Oftentimes what is offered is limited to 1-3 telephonic sessions with a counselor. No other services are included. Research into EAPs has shown over the years that these limited sessions can actually cause more harm in that the client(s) do not have enough time to work on their individual problems before they are “terminated”, thus leaving the clients to try to work the problem out on their own.
  3. How much will this program cost my organization?
    • One Source works with each organization to try to identify their specific needs. As an example, One Source has contracted with an Emergency Medical Assistance company that employs ambulance drivers. While the organization did not need to pay for sessions for employees, they found that they benefited from a Critical Incident Stress Management protocol. The contract was for this service alone, thus saving the organization from paying for services they did not need. One Source can also set up a “fee for service” program whereby the organization pays only for the services they actually use. We are able to tailor our programs to fit individual needs with proven cost-saving strategies.
  4. You said One Source offers confidential counseling sessions for employees and family members. Can you guarantee that their information will never be shared?
    • All voluntary EAP contacts are confidential. One Source is prohibited by federal law from releasing any information on any client to anyone at any time. Our network of counselors are all licensed professionals who could put their licenses in jeopardy should they breach confidentiality. Reports made by the EAP to employers contain statistical data only, no names or specific details. No one will know you utilized the EAP unless you decide to share it with them.
  5. How many sessions will my employees and their families members get?
    • One Source typically contracts for 5-8 sessions with our organizations. We will provide proposals to your organization that will include several different models with different costs from which you can choose. Costs are based on a mathematical equation that includes information particular to your organization. We will then match the services you choose and the price points for each one.
  6. Can this program really help my employees?
    • Research has shown that employees who seek services early, when problems are not out of hand, are able to find solutions, lessen their stress, improve their quality of life, and have a higher satisfaction rate with their jobs and their personal lives. EAPs work with HR personnel and the organization itself to ensure the health and well-being of all employees and their family members.