Counseling and Training

One Source has developed a series of training/workshop programs designed to help employees and organizations become more productive and effective. The following topics are available to all our client companies.

One Source proudly offers services specifically geared toward the issues of public safety. We offer Critical Incident Stress Debriefing and crisis management in addition to our other services. All debriefings are conducted by trained individuals who have expertise in the specific issues that often emerge after police, fire and EMS personnel have been exposed to traumatic situations. Debriefings are conducted up to 3 days after an incident and affected employees are able to see counselors for any ongoing confidential help they may need on an individual basis.One Source offers referral services to support employees and their family members with substance abuse/addiction, anger management, and child and elder care issues.

We can offer your company and your employees Pre-Paid Legal services and Identity Theft protection at a discounted price.We also have an extensive list of financial and medical specialists should you need these services.

We believe that healthy employees are better prepared to handle work and life stress. Prevention of illness both physical and psychological is key. Our clients are able to join a smoking cessation program at a discounted price. We can also offer referrals to weight loss centers, chiropractors and others who specialize in overall health and well being.

Many of these services are included in our products. For information about the cost of our training programs

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