Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)

Have you experienced a traumatic event? (CISM) is a method to provide help for first responders: PB, SO, FD, EMS and 911, who are struggling with emotions following a traumatic event. You and a counselor will work though issues by following a step-by-step program.

The Goals of CISM Are:

  • Prevent Traumatic Stress
  • Mitigate Traumatic Stress
  • Intervene to Assist Recovery
  • Accelerate Recovery
  • Restore Function
  • Maintain Worker Health and Welfare

CSIM is a comprehensive, systematic maintenance program for the overall well-being of our clients most important assets — their personnel!

Examples of Critical Stress Incidents

Death in the Line of Duty or Workplace

Line of Duty or Workplace Injury

Suicide of co-worker, friend, family member

Multiple Casualty Incidents (MCIs)

Significant Events Involving Children

Prolonged Events Involving Loss

Any Overwhelmingly Powerful Event

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