As a Law Enforcement Leader who has dealt with many family issues for victims of addiction and domestic problems I thought I understood most of the problems others face. I had no clue when this demon of addiction creeped in my back door. I had no clue how to deal with it on a personal level. Enter Dr. Wesselink.
When I finally admitted to myself that opiate addiction had taken control of my spouse I called on Dr. Wesselink for counseling. After several sessions I began to understand what I needed to do to free myself from the guilt and help my spouse move toward rehab. What seemed like a horrible nightmare that would never end I started to see how and why this addiction destroyed a perfectly happy marriage as well as removed the human that we loved from both my life and my children’s lives. At one point I saw a “break-thru” and had hope for the first time in many years. 
While the story had a short-term success the nightmare did not end there. Unfortunately after several involuntary hospital stays my spouse added alcohol to the opiate addictions. We ultimately divorced and my children’s mother became estranged to all of them. While it was not the ending we were all hoping and praying for it with the counseling provided by Dr Wesselink we survived this ordeal and not only grew closer as a family but learned to stop blaming ourselves for her bad adult choices. 
I feel strongly Dr Wesselink provided the guidance we all needed at a very tough time in our lives. She was always available on short notice and always gave us a calming clear path to overcome the daily stress that seemed to come with fighting the addictions of a loved one. We were given the tools to survive, and move on, thanks in large part to One Source Counseling.

Chief Deputy Ken Ball
Cherokee Sheriff’s Office