I have known Dr. Wesselink for a number of years. Not only is she highly skilled in working with people in public safety, she is one of the most caring and genuine individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. As Assistant Fire Chief of a 400 member department, I have individuals walk into my office from time to time with issues like alcohol abuse, marital issues, post-traumatic stress, and much more. I have no hesitation in referring these individuals to One Source for her to assist them in their journey to get squared away. Professionally, she has my highest recommendation!

From a personal prospective, she helped my through a very dark and difficult time. I was having issues with my teen aged daughter’s pregnancy and a wife that suffered depression. I was honestly ready to give up on life when I started to see Dr. Nancy Wesselink. She guided me in areas of personal growth, relationship, and career transformation.

I am very thankful for the work that we did together to help me overcome traumatic experiences I had encountered over the years serving in the Army and the Fire Service. It was something I could not think about without becoming extremely emotional. I am glad that today I can think about it and discuss it with others, without becoming emotionally distressed.