believe in yourself!At this time of the year we all should take a few moments (precious though they are) and remember the trials of the past 12 months. We’ve all had them, some more than others. Many people have gone through things they never would have thought would affect them. Some were a bit more prepared for their trials, but others were completely thrown and emotionally devastated by them. Research has showed us that people who suffer catastrophic issues can and do overcome them by using their resilience (the belief that they can indeed “bounce back”) and their coping mechanisms (friends, relaxation or other kinds of therapy, pets, etc).

As we approach a new year, some with abundant hope, some with agonizing dread, I want us all to do just one thing: BELIEVE

  • Believe that there is a purpose to all that you are going through.
  • Believe that there is a power greater than yourself that can hold you up and be there for you.
  • Believe that all things are can be overcome, if you decide to make them so.
  • Believe that the love you have and the love given to you is more healing than anything that can cause your wounds.

I hope that you will believe in yourself, your ability to overcome whatever it is that has you in it’s grasp, and that you will hold on to the belief that something better is coming.

This is my New Year wish for you.